Haier Ductless Air Makes First Appearance at The International Builders Show

ORLANDO, FL, (IBS Booth # W3153) January 10, 2017 – Haier, a worldwide leading manufacturer of HVAC products from mini splits, multi splits, VRF to chillers makes its first appearance The International Builders Show in Orlando, FL.

"The builder community is extremely important to our ductless air business and The International Builders' Show allows us to showcase our new products and introduce the brand," said Nick Shin, vice president and business unit leader, Haier Ductless Air. "With global R&D and innovations to product specifically designed for the North American market, Haier offers a broad assortment of air quality solutions for residential and light commercial use."

FlexFit Systems

Haier FlexFit ductless systems provide a solution to mix and match the same indoor unit with both single zone and multi-zone outdoor units, effectively reducing the time and cost of inventory management. Compared conventional design Haier Flexfit design can make a 50% reduction on the inventory management for distributors and an unprecedented level of freedom for contractors.

FlexFit is a top-of-the-line modular system that allows for optimal ductless pairings between indoor and outdoor units. Eighteen different indoor units can be combined to create more than 1,000 energy-efficient HVAC solutions, designed with cost-effectiveness in mind.

FlexFit Single-Zone Series

By pairing a FlexFit 12,000 BTU to 48,000 BTU indoor unit with a single FlexFit 12,000 BTU to 48,000 BTU outdoor unit, you can choose from the unique design and performance benefits of five different unit types.

FlexFit Multi-Zone Series

With outdoor units able to supply up to 36,000 BTU of heating/cooling capacity across four separate zones, the FlexFit Multi-Zone series gives you freedom like never before.

Arctic Series

With the innovative inverter technology heat pump, homeowners can effectively reduce their energy bill up to 50% and maintain an ideal comfort level. With the integration of HaierHeat+ technology, the Arctic Series provides an exceptional experience for year-round comfort. The system keeps 100 % heating capacity at 5°F and toasty warm air at -22°F.

The NAHB International Builders' Show® (IBS) is the largest annual light construction show in the world, every year attracting more than 60,000 visitors from 100 countries.

For more information on Haier Ductless Air visit http://www.haierductless.com

About Haier Ductless Air

Haier is one of the leading producers of HVAC products with capacity to produce 20 million units per year and with 10% of global market share. Haier employs more than 60,000 people around the world and distributes products in more than 100 countries and regions with global revenues over $30 billion in 2016. For more information, please visit www.haierductless.com or connect at http://www.facebook.com/Haierductless and Twitter @haierductless.