Haier Headlines from Around the Globe

Haier continues to make headlines and showcase its leadership in innovation and competitiveness. Here's your at-a-glance to what Haier has been up to around the world.

  • Haier made Brand Lab's annual list of the World's 500 Most Influential Brands and is the only Chinese home appliance brand among the Top 50.​
  • Haier launched an air-cooling EMS AC unit called Hercules at the MCE 2018 conference in Milan, Italy. Built on the first E+ cloud service platform in the industry, Hercules provides intelligent maintenance, energy conservation and integration.
  • Also at the MCE 2018 conference, Euromonitor, a survey organization for the global market, presented Haier with a certificate ranking it as the No. 1 Connected AC brand in the world with 30% market share.
  • WHICH, a global testing organization in Europe and Britain, highly ranked Haier refrigerators and gave one "Best Buy" status for its performance in cooling, freezing, steady operation, energy and noise.



  • According to statistics from BSRIA, a U.K. consulting firm, the Haier Water Heater remains No. 1 in Russia among Chinese brands and is the only Chinese brand in the Top 10 by sales volume.
  • Statistics provided by GFK revealed that Haier's multi-door refrigerator accounts for 49.6% of sales in Spain – equivalent to the combination of all other brands.



  • Haier's Self-Cleaning AC was a hit at MCE for its many features, including the ability to install it in under 148 seconds.
  • Equipped with a direct motion motor that displaces the belt, a steam function that completely unfolds the fiber in clothes and an antibacterial module, Haier unveiled a washing machine that reduces noise and provides European families with an improved laundry experience.


  • Haier China launched the GlieseA+++ energy-efficient eco-refrigerator that consumes only 0.58 KWH of energy every day during the recent "Earth Hour" event hosted offline and online through Twitter and Facebook.
  • In Eastern Bangkok, Thailand, Haier opened a service center with integrated resources, including six vehicles that will serve as mobile service stations. This is part of a larger consolidation and upgrade of services to provide efficiency and improved experiences for customers.