Cooling Efficiency23.523.021.020.0
Ambient Cooling Range F(C)14-115 (-10-46)14-115 (-10-46)14-115 (-10-46)14-115 (-10-46)
Heating Efficiency12111110
Ambient Heating Range F(C)-4~75 (-20~24)-4~75 (-20~24)-4~75 (-20~24)-4~75 (-20~24)

Features & Benefits

  • -4ºF Ambient Heating
    Heats efficiently even in extremely cold weather.
  • 14°F Ambient Cooling
    Cools efficiently even in cold weather.
  • 60+ ft. Airflow
    Enables long-distance airflow up to 60+ feet.
  • 3-D Airflow
    Distributes air evenly, simulating the airflow of a natural breeze.
  • 180º Sine Wave DC Inverter
    Improves performance at both high and low frequencies.
  • Turbo Mode
    Heats and cools space in half the time as standard mode.
  • Heat/Cool Auto Changeover
    Auto switches between heating and cooling to maintain set point.
  • ±1°F Precision Control
    Offers precise temperature control for greater comfort.
  • Quiet Mode
    Runs at a sound level quieter than a whisper.
  • Warm Start Mode
    Ensures fan will not blow cold air during heating mode startup.
  • Blue Fin Coating
    Improves heat exchange and prevents corrosion.
  • 2-Way Piping Drain
    Allows wall mount units to drain to the left or right
  • Sleep Mode
    Improves sleep comfort while using less energy.
  • Multiple-Layer Filter
    Reduces germs, odors and toxins for high air quality .
  • Dry Mode
    Dehumidifies air passing through the unit.
  • Self-Cleaning Evaporator
    Removes dust from condensed water during operation

Advanced Series

The ultimate combination of performance and comfort, our Advanced Series systems deliver the highest efficiencies (up to 23 SEER) and quietest operation—down to a whispering 22 dB(A). Available Capacities: 9,000 BTU, 12,000 BTU, 18,000 BTU, 24,000 BTU.

Outdoor Model1U09ES2VH*, 1U12ES2VH*, 1U18ES2VH*, 1U24ES2VH*
Wall Mount IndoorAW09ES2VH*, AW12ES2VH*, AW18ES2VH*, AW24ES2VH*
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